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Welcome to IFS Europe!

At the last International Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers Board Meeting, members of the IFS Board of Directors agreed on the importance of building stronger connections within the larger global framework of the organization.

IFS Europe will work to connect European members of IFS, including members in Israel, on issues specific to our work and the current social problems we are facing as a community.

Click here to read more about the IFS Europe structure and read the IFS Europe Welcome Letter! You can also read the IFS Europe Annual Report for 2015 to learn more.

The IFS Europe office will begin reaching out to European members in order to build our network and keep other local and international organizations aware of your work, upcoming events, and exciting projects!

Click here for an opportunity for volunteer participation in France next November.

Click here for a presentation on IFS Europe.

Call for Participants! Read about the latest opportunties with IFS Europe.
Spotlight On! Read about recent projects with IFS members in Europe.

IFS in Brussels!
Read about the first EU Settlement Seminar in Brussels.

IFS Europe: European Partnership Building Project Call for Participation. IFS Europe is in the process of building a volunteer exchange program among its members. Read the call for participation now to join in on this opportunity.
Social Security Compass: Read about the history and current statistics on social security in the EU.
European Commission Report: Working together for Europe's young people - A call to action on youth unemployment.

NEW: Exchange in Berlin!
Youth workers from the United States and Canada recently traveled to Berlin for a week-long exchange. Read more » 

Contact Information

Head Coordinator: Vanessa Schwartz, vanessa.schwartz@nusz.de
Kirsten Bahr, kirsten.bahr@nusz.de, and Patrick Pesch, patrickpesch@nusz.de

Mailing Address:
Nachbarschafts- und Selbsthilfezentrum in der ufafabrik e.V.
IFS Europe Office
Viktoriastra├če 13
12105 Berlin

Phone: +49 03 755 03 192
Email: ifseurooffice@gmail.com