Pay Membership Dues

Annual membership dues for IFS are based on the organization's annual operating budget in US dollars. Please select the appropriate membership level from the options below:

For organizations, payment is based on annual budget:

  • Under €999,999: €100
  • €1,000,000 to €1,999,999: €250
  • €2,000,000 to €4,999,999: €500
  • €5,000,000 to €9,999,999: €1,500
  • Over €10,000,000: €2,000

Individuals can choose their membership contribution level:

  • Individual (€100)
  • Sustainer (€250)
  • Leadership (€500)

There are three payment methods available to current members: online with PayPal, by check, or bank transfer. (IFS prefers PayPal or check).

Pay online using PayPal

IFS prefers that you pay your dues through Pay Pal which helps to reduce the costs of administration. If you are an organization, please select your budget level to pay the appropriate dues:

Under €999,999 (€100)
€1,000,000 to €1,999,999 (€250)
€2,000,000 to €4,999,999 (€500)
€5,000,000 to €9,999,999 (€1,500)
Over €10,000,000 (€2,000)

If you are an individual, please select your contribution level:

Individual (€100)
Sustainer (€250)
Leadership (€500)

Pay by Check

Due to the transfer of the IFS office from New York to Helsinki this information will change. New information will come shortly.

Pay by Bank Transfer

New information on bank transfers will come shortly.